Learning is a lifelong pursuit. Just as classroom learning makes up but a fraction of everything that we eventually come to know, teaching is not confined there; it can take place anytime and anywhere.

Do you have a desire to pass knowledge on to others? Perhaps you have a way with words, a penchant for trivia, or are familiar with a process that other people can barely figure out. Your knowledge may seem trivial to you, but it may be valuable to others.

The joy of teaching is in witnessing others learn and eventually master.

There may be doubts in your mind:

  • “Who am I to teach others?”
  • “What if I make a fool of myself?”
  • “How do I even get started?”

What if there is a resource that can ease these burdens and show you how to put a great teaching session together? Teaching is a skill, and every skill can be learned.

Why the inclusion of “Introvert” in the title? Glad you asked. Introverts have certain strengths that make them especially powerful teachers. In every group of learners, you will find introverts, as well. As an educator, this group may seem more difficult to engage, but it is only a matter of understanding who they are and how they prefer to learn. Recognizing their particularities and gifts can provide a sense of kinship and cooperation between introverts and extroverts.

Let this book show you the ways of The Introvert Teacher.


  • Take the wealth of wisdom that you have kept within and express it in a way that makes sense to others.
  • Teach effectively by catering to the different learning methods of different people.
  • Give great presentations that will hold the attention of your learners.
  • Relate to your learners and build rapport with them.
  • Tell compelling stories and why it is such a potent way to teach.
  • Use your strengths to enrich others.
  • See with the mind of an introvert learner and know how they are different from your extrovert learners.
  • Manage large groups of learners, learning to spot early signs of potential problems.
  • Put a great teaching session together.
  • Be empowered by recognizing your strengths and embracing who you are.


  • What makes an introvert and what this means to you as an educator.
  • The top three questions every learner wants answered.
  • Six characteristics that make introverts excellent educators.
  • How to protect your time and energy so you can be your best for your loved ones and your learners.
  • How to build rapport with your learners, get them to focus, and have them enjoy learning.
  • The value of good platform skills and how to learn them.
  • Useful tools, applications, and resources recommended by top educators.


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